Why Surf Lakes?


Although widely recognised, surfing participation rates are small when compared to mainstream sport.
Currently there are an estimated 35 million surfers worldwide (including body boarding and stand up-paddle boarding) who partake in the sport regularly (more than twice per year). This is only 0.5% of the global population.
The problem or challenge for most non-surfers is accessibility to waves/the ocean due to being located many kilometres inland, or in regions where weather patterns do not produce ridable surf. Also, many non-surfers have identified certain fears which prevent them from becoming regular surf goers.

A survey of non-surfers was conducted by Surf Lakes in 2018 via social media. Of the sample surveyed, the reasons people had not tried surfing included:
• 30% did not believe their fitness level met the requirements for ocean surfing
• 19% had a fear of sharks and other dangerous marine life
• 18% do not have easy access to the ocean or surf-able waves
• 17% were afraid of the big waves

In the aforementioned survey, 83% of respondents said they would try surfing if:
• They had an opportunity to access a safe and controlled environment
• They had an opportunity to access quality waves
• They had an opportunity to access conveniently located sites (within 100kms/60 miles)


Surf Lakes has developed exciting wave-making technology, using concentric waves. Our technology is capable of producing a variety of waves shapes, ride lengths with varying degrees of difficulty that closely mimic natural ocean waves.


• The highest wave productivity in the market (2400 per hour), allowing the end user the opportunity to catch up to 10 waves per hour with over 200 people in the water at once
• Simultaneous variety of waves (eight different types), allowing people of all abilities and surf craft preference the capability to surf at the same time
• Shoreline swimming areas, allowing large number of swimmers and bodysurfers to participate, as well as surfers, at the same time
• The largest sized waves when required
• Energy efficient wave production, allowing operators to profit from the waves
• A 360 degree perimetre which allows for extra revenue opportunities from food and beverage, entertainment and retail outlets
• The opportunity to develop complete precincts will views and access to water frontage
• The opportunity to stage events while other breaks are still ”open to the public”

These elements, plus more, position Surf Lakes as a very unique and incredibly exciting opportunity.


• Up to 2,400 waves per hour
• Eight separate breaks (four left breaking waves and four right)
• Peak wave height of 2.4 metres at premier break (eight feet face height)
• The unique 5 Waves system caters for five levels of surfing from beginner to pro simultaneously
• Can facilitate up to 240 surfers at the same time, each catching 10 waves per hour

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