THE PROBLEM: The growth of surfing in terms of participation is limited. This is due to factors such as access to ocean waves, fear of marine life, fear of drowning, adverse weather conditions, cold climates and so on. Thus less than 1% of the world’s population have even tried surfing. Yet it is perceived as a highly desirable recreational activity and lifestyle.

THE SURF LAKES SOLUTION: Surf Lakes Limited has invented a revolutionary, proprietary method of producing high-quality surfing waves in a controlled lake environment. The Surf Lakes™ technology will be capable of producing a variety of waves that closely mimic natural ocean waves. Furthermore, because of the way Surf Lakes works, not only will it have the lowest energy cost per wave compared to other technologies, but be capable of producing up to 2,400 surfable waves per hour. To our knowledge, this is more output than any current or proposed wave technology around the world.


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