New artist impression

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New artist impression

Surf Lakes has produced a new artists impression of what a typical commercial Surf Lake might look like. However the site in Yeppoon will not contain any buildings or infrastructure as it will initially be used as a demonstration site to prove and refine the technology while showing the tech to potential licensees, media and shareholders.

Above: Artists impression of a completed Surf Lakes commercial facility. NB: Please use this image for representation in a Surf Lakes related story.

CEO and Founder of Surf Lakes, Aaron Trevis, is thrilled at the prospect of potentially having waves breaking within months, and he is eagerly anticipating viewing brand ambassadors and former world champions Mark Occhilupo and Barton Lynch taking on those first few waves. “I just can’t wait to see Occy standing in a barrel,” said Trevis. “As we see the parts of the wave machine arriving onsite, the reality and sheer enormity of the project is truly mind-blowing!”

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