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Over the past two weeks, the waves have been pumping at the Surf Lakes R&D facility in Yeppoon. The days of testing were a huge success with all who were able to witness the sessions being simply blown away by the sheer perfection of the man-made swells.

With machine reached stroke heights of almost 4.5 metres and the resulting waves were spectacular to say the least. Our surf team of Mark, Jay and now Jonah Occhilupo, Ben Player, Luca Doble with guests Dean Morrison, Dale Chapman (foil) and more, were completely in awe of the shape and power behind the swells which are now breaking across all four breaks.
While Occy spent most of his time perfecting his approach to and increasing his barrel time on his name sake wave Occy’s Peak, Player and Morrison returned to The Island where slabs were being served up and conquered. Later joined by Jay Occhilupo, the show on the famed break was amazing and while Player was casual sliding through the perfect peelers, “Dingo” and Jay were dramatically dropping through the roof to tuck into some quality drainers.
While most eyes were watching the Level Four and Level Five waves within the lake, The Level Two Beachie was also hosting some incredibly fun rides where Luca Doble and good friend Charlotte Lethbridge were laughing while cruising on party waves. The Wedge too, provided some fast barrelling sections and will be a challenging wave, more suited to body boarders.
Overall, adjustments to the bathymetry of each break has proven to be a winner!

Our film crew, led by Talon Clemow, captured some amazing content. Below is a small preview and we will be releasing more over the coming weeks. Make sure you follow us on social media (links at bottom of email).

Ben Player and Dean “Dingo” Morrison take on the Island
Luca, Charlotte and Aaron enjoy perfect longboarding waves at the Beachie


Check out a small selection of photos below, shot by photographers Andrew Shields and Danny Taylor.

Surf Lakes can transform any piece of boring land into a surfing oasis!
Occy “throwing buckets” at Occy’s Peak, a wave he helped design
Former pro-surfer Dingo emerges from the pit at the Island, our Level 5 or Pro wave
With breaks in all directions, it’s always offshore at Surf Lakes!
The Beachie is our Level 2 wave, perfect for long boards, fun boards and SUP surfing


The CWD (Central Wave Device) performed consistently throughout the latest testing as head engineer, Kit Sidwell, was focusing on producing sets of four waves sets, all the while making tuning adjustments to improve height and wave quality.
As there are eight separate breaks in the lake, a four wave set produces 32 surfable waves, all within 60 seconds!
In upcoming testing, we are aiming to get the CWD to maximum stroke, to produce even larger waves!