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We are proud to announce that Queensland Under 18 Longboard Champion, Luca Doble (who featured in our recent corporate video) has joined the Surf Lakes team as an ambassador for the brand. Luca is a great addition to our ambassador team because not only does she represent a younger generation, but her grace and style on a longboard is an inspiration to behold. In line with our motto “ Everybody Gets A Break” she is perfect to showcase the potential of Surf Lakes ability to create excellent waves for all surf craft. With this in mind we can easily demonstrate the huge broader market appeal for potential licensees. Luca was over the moon when we contacted her about her appointment and was truly emotional when spoken to about the possibilities ahead. Her presence has already been noted as visitors to our R&D facility have been enamoured with the ease in which she glides while walking to the nose. Stay tuned for an interview with Luca in the next addition of Making Waves.




At just 15 years of age Luca is a rising star in the world of longboarding. Growing up in the small, coastal town of Qld’s Agnes Water, Luca had a love of the ocean from an early age. Idolising her older brother, Luca began surfing with him at 5. By 6, she was competing in the laid-back local board riders club, Tide n Turn and showed enormous promise on the shortboard. By the time she was 12, Luca discovered and fell in love with the longboard.Her natural style and effortless grace quickly evolved. Luca began competing in local and Sunshine Coast competitions and was proving herself to be a worthy competitor. In 2018 she won Most Improved at the Agnes Water Festival of Surfing and just kept going from there. As the holder of the 2019 Australian Title for Under 18 Long boarder the world is literally Luca’s oyster!



  • Under 18 Qld Long Board Title 2018
  • Under 18 Australian Title Runner Up 2018
  • Under 18 Qld Long Board Title 2019
  • Under 18 Australian Long Board Title 2019
  • Open Women’s Australian Logger Title Runner Up 2019
  • Open Women’s QLD Logger Title 2019