Surf Lakes Holdings Ltd is an Australian unlisted public company. Key details are as follows:

Date established: 1st July 2016
Number of shareholders: Over 200
Number of shares on issue: 350 million
Founders: Aaron Trevis, Reuben Buchanan and Chris Hawley
Head office: Broadbeach, Gold Coast QLD Australia


Technology Proven at Full Scale: With decades of combined expertise in engineering and construction management across mining, civil, commercial and amusement park sectors, the company has proven its technology at full scale.

Australia’s only wavepool tech: Surf Lakes was founded in Queensland and our head office is located in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. We own all the global IP and know how relating to the Surf Lakes technology. We designed, built and own the full-scale Prototype and R&D facility in Yeppoon.

Compelling Business Model: Surf Lakes technology can produce the largest waves, most waves per hour, most breaks and guaranteed offshore conditions. Plus surfers of all levels and surf craft can participate at the same time – no need to wait for sessions that suit your ability and surf craft. It is also competitive in terms of price, therefore potentially offering the highest return on capital invested for licensees and operators.

Surf Lakes is the Global Head Company and IP owner: Investors in Surf Lakes become a shareholder of the company which owns all Intellectual Property globally. Investors therefore share in all profits, capital gain and success going forward. To our knowledge, there is no other opportunity for investors to buy into a the global IP owner of a wave pool technology. For investors who want exposure to this rapidly going sector, investing into Surf Lakes represents a unique and potentially lucrative opportunity.

Enormous Untapped Market:There is an enormous untapped growth market given that 99.5% of world’s population is yet to experience surfing. This is the market Surf Lakes aims to address.

IPO/Exit Pathway in place: Surf Lakes is working towards providing shareholders with a liquidity event possibly via an IPO or sale, at an appropriate future date.

Watch our Corporate Video, which explains all the key benefits and advantages of our technology




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