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Watch QLD Junior champion Jay Occhilupo taking on The Island at 5 Waves Surf Lakes

Check out QLD Junior champion Jay Occhilupo taking on The Island, the most challenging wave at our R&D facility. He then moved over to Occy’s Peak to try out the right hander, with more success. Unlike his Dad Occy, Jay is a natural footer, so no arguments as to who goes left and who goes right!
Occy’s Peak is a mid-sized, a-frame, reef break designed for intermediate to advanced surfers.

This is our prototype test facility, so only R&D testing is allowed. We are working on locations for commercial sites and hope to announce some soon. At full capacity, 5 Waves Surf Lakes can produce over 2,000 surfable waves each hour.

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Watch: Occy Tests Surf Lakes’ Full-Size waves

Yesterday we released pics of 3x bodyboarding world champ Ben Player inside a huge barrel “The Island”, the largest of the four breaks at our prototype test facility. Meanwhile, over at Occys Peak, Mark Occhilupo was testing out the wave he helped design. Occy’s Peak is smaller than The Island, breaks both left and right, and is designed as a more user-friendly barrel-to-turn wave.  Check out this short video by One Palm Media.    

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Surf Lakes achieves maximum target wave size


We are excited to share that  the maximum target wave-face height of 2.4m (8ft) has been achieved!
3 x world bodyboard champ Ben Player was frothing to get inside this beast to give us scale (yes he made it out!).
A wave-face height of 2.4m was the theoretical safe maximum for the prototype, based on initial engineering calculations and CFD modelling.
To achieve this in real world testing is a huge milestone for Surf Lakes, and a credit to our talented and committed team.

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