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Surf Lakes’ 5 Waves technology will allow for the development of multi-directional surf park, where waves appealing to five different skill levels (beginner to professional) are created simultaneously. This allows for surfers of all abilities to surf at once.
Surf Lakes technology allows for beginners to be riding one break while a pro competition is being conducted at another. Other technologies are limited in this capacity. For Surf Lakes operators, it means maximum options and flexibility for usage. Operators can divide surfers into several groups based on their skill level. A surfer’s skill level will determine which breaks he or she is allowed to surf on at a 5 Waves facility.


Surf Lakes has developed a solution that has true potential to take surfing to the masses. The company’s 5 Waves technology is capable of producing a variety of high-quality waves that closely mimic those produced in the ocean.
5 Waves works by creating concentric waves that radiate outwards from a central wave generator. The waves break upon a variety of submerged reefs and shorelines. Each reef is contoured differently so as to allow the wave energy to dissipate and therefore create waves which break at different speeds and different shapes, according to depth. The number of surf breaks generated by each single wave is only limited by the size of the lake and number of surf breaks. In the model below, each wave generates eight surfing waves with four learner-style waves. This allows for over 12 surfers to surf on each wave that is produced.

The wave generator is also oscillated to create a “set” of waves much like the ocean, with the breaking waves resembling a “peak” wave seen at beach breaks like Duranbah Beach in Queensland, or quality reef breaks like Pipeline in Hawaii. The waves break in both a left and right direction, from a central peak or “a-frame”.
Each set is designed to produce five to seven swells, with eight breaking waves per swell. This is repeated every few minutes, therefore, the system will be capable of producing up to 2,400 rideable waves each hour. This does not include the learner style waves that will be produced at the ends of the lake. These waves would be utilised by surf schools, which further add to the revenue generating potential of the Surf Lake.

Above: Artists impression of completed commercial Surf Lake



The advantages of the central mechanism are numerous and the design creates a massive advantage over other wave generating techniques. Some highlights are:

  • Waves in all directions, over multiple breaks giving highest available productivity.
  • Waves in all directions, over multiple reefs giving highest available simultaneous variety.
  • Efficiency of movement, allowing the mechanism to move in harmony with the water.
  • Limited (or zero) friction during operation, as the central alignment creates zero (or negligible) lateral forces.
  • Flexibility of lake design and layout, allowing multiple shape options for shorelines.
  • Attractiveness of the lake, with the central mechanism able to be themed in various ways, as an exposed, moving feature or enclosed feature.
  • Concentric swells reduce in energy as they propagate away from the central mechanism, allowing various waves sizes and power at different points in the lake.
  • Deep core and channel excavations create benefits for water volume (swimmer load) in some cases, and allows added amenity such as diving, aquariums, underwater viewing portals etc. 
  • Wind direction can be used to advantage, whichever direction it blows.
  • Maximum use of real estate, by creating shoreline in 360 degrees.
  • The Multiple breaks allow flexibility of business models, from private to public and each can co-exist.
  • The design allows for maximum benefit for competitions, as there are 8 breaks to choose, allowing the public to still participate during the competition, and competitors to practice between heats, or all waves can be utilised during heats for new formats.


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