A Surf Lakes Wavepool in Your Neighborhood? Yes, Please.



New reduced-sized model available for purchase and construction in residential areas

Surf Lakes – the Australian company behind the gigantic plunger, Mad Max reminiscent, multi-wave generating wavepools – has announced a new and reduced-sized design, aimed at bringing waves to residential areas. Yeah, a wavepool in your neighborhood, just like a small-town skatepark.

For now, the small-scale Surf Lakes model is only available in Australia. But, like it’s older sibling, Surf Lakes assures that the scaled-down version still produces 2,000 waves per hour – suitable for all skill levels of surfer, and also bodyboarders, bodysurfers, longboarders, and shortboarders. And instead of 3.6 hectares (8.9 acres), the smaller version only requires 2 hectares (5 acres). The price tag? US $20 million.

“We’ve had close to 600 enquiries from all areas of the planet,” said Founder and CEO Aaron Trevis. “And while they all love the idea of building a Surf Lakes XL model, many sites are just not large enough to cater for the 3.6 hectare lake.

“With our motto of ‘Everyone Gets a Break’ we also realize, that while the XL model will be ideal for athlete training and international events such as The Olympics, there is a huge opportunity to penetrate non-surfing market places by locating near shopping malls and local sports fields and therefore we can share the stoke of riding waves by making facilities that are more accessible to all.”

According to developers, the contract-ready Surf Lakes design will be geared more towards the beginner to intermediate surfer, whereas the Surf Lakes XL will be for the advanced crowd (while still providing beginner waves, too). And while the amount of waves per hour between the two models is the same, the size of the waves does differ. Developers say Surf Lakes XL can make 2.4 meter waves, while the smaller version can do 1.8-2 meters. Hence, the average surfer focus of this plan.

“We genuinely see the new standard Surf Lakes model as being a perfect way for kids, and complete beginners to get into the sport while aspiring to progress to the bigger and more challenging waves in the Surf lakes XL facilities as their ability improves,” continued Trevis. “And being located in environments where non-surfing passing traffic can see the waves and the grinning faces of those enjoying the rides, everyone will certainly wish to grab a board and get out there!”

Additionally, the new Surf Lakes model can be integrated into existing or future developments and have the capacity to become genuine pieces of community focused infrastructure, similar to public swimming pools or sports fields. That means, when the waves are turned off, it can be used for swimming, kayaking, or good ol’ fun and games in the water.