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Twenty-nineteen was certainly a milestone year for Surf Lakes. With numerous advancements, discoveries and now global notoriety, the company has powered from strength to strength.
With the upgrades to the CWD completed in the middle of the year, which enabled testing to continue through the second half of the year, numerous targets were met and surpassed much to the pleasure of potential licensee and investors.

Making Waves spoke to Aaron Trevis (CEO and Founder) and Kit Sidwell (Wave Making God and Head Engineer) and Wayne Dart (Media Manager) who gave us a heads up as to their top five 2019 highlights:



Aaron Trevis (CEO and Founder) top five highlights of 2019

  • We’ve witnessed many, now- real perfect waves and great demonstrations, with very positive responses from licensees and investors as well as “over the moon” reactions from our team surfers. It was so good to see the stoke on the faces of all who visit the site and see the waves first hand.
  • We have our first four licensee contracts in negotiation at present with several more Heads of Agreement in pipeline. These are across multiple countries and all have different takes on what their parks will look like. Upon visiting the Yeppoon R&D facility, any potential licensee was quick to ascertain that 5Waves technology has many, many advantages.
  • Wavegarden launch of public sites in Bristol, UK and Melbourne Australia, confirms the retail market is now crying out for wave pools. Some who have ridden waves in their facilities and visited ours showed comparisons are very supportive of our technology.
  • The release of the Corporate Video was very well received and has generated further enquiries in various countries as well as provided support for licensees with their stakeholder communications.
  • It’s been great to see the Surf Lakes team grow and gel together with 100 per cent commitment and confidence for the future of Surf Lakes.


Occy and potential licensees find stoke at a demonstration day in December 2019



Kit Sidwell (Lead Mechanical Engineer) top five highlights of 2019

  • We achieved the target stroke height of the prototype machine (which also produced our target wave height). And we are still improving stroke and therefore wave height will increase in 2020!
  • We have seen further refinement of the piston seal arrangement, which allows maintenance access without removal of the piston. This directly feeds into the commercial design, and builds upon the IP contained within the existing patent.
  • Tuning of the machine to produce flawless wave form, yet at the same time resulting in significantly reduced mechanical stresses.
  • Validating that the machine operation is extremely repeatable and stable, and reliably reproduces the exact performance that is expected. Therefore the “recipe book” of waves can be continually expanded, with the confidence that any program can be dialled-up at will.
  • Further increasing the stroke length and exceeding the target wave height right at the end of 2019, resetting the standard for waves in 2020.


Jay Occhilupo (getting air), Luca Doble (longboard) and Occy (heading left) take charge of the lineup



Wayne Dart (Media Director) top five highlights of 2019

  • Coverage of test sessions has been picked up and beamed globally across all forms of digital, broadcast and print media. In 2020 numerous brands will now visit the site for product launches which will therefore attract a broader audience outside the surfing market.
  • The test days themselves demonstrated the sheer joy that such a facility brings to people… surfers and non-surfer alike. Seeing the stoke on people’s faces and having my hand shaken by people over and over as the grin from ear to ear is so awesome to witness. In 2020 and beyond we just can’t wait to share more stoke.
  • The impact on the local Yeppoon community has been immense and once again highlights the demand for such infrastructure. Our 5 Waves facilities have the potential to create such a positive impact and this is now being recognised by government bodies.
  • Seeing the Surf Lake “surf team” expand with the likes of Luca Doble and Ben Player joining the Occhilupo family and Barton Lynch. We live and breathe our motto of “Everyone Gets a Break” so to see riders of different surf craft find pure stoke has once again been an absolute delight to witness. While most surfers know the merits of Occy and BL to watch Ben Player slide through eight second barrels on his body board and Luca Doble simply glide as she walks to the nose of her long board is a celebration of surf stoke at its best. It was also a highlight to see adaptive surfers Mark “Mono” Stewart and Dale Taylor rip into our waves too. As they say… fun for everyone!
  • The realisation that there are more variables than what one thinks. Like the ocean, we have realised that there are so many factors at play when it comes to making perfect waves. Being a “wave nerd” watching and experiencing wave shapes change has been mind blowing experience and I can’t wait for more people to be able to experience our waves.


Media Director Wayne Dart spends some time in the shade on Occy’s Peak