Paul Munten appointed to the Board of Surf Lakes

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Paul Munten appointed to the Board of Surf Lakes

Paul Munten has joined the Board of Surf Lakes. He brings with him over 16yrs surf industry experience.

About Paul:
Paul has 30 years’ experience working and holding senior management and executive positions for organisations such as Mitsubishi Electric Japan, Vodafone International, Web Central Asia Pacific and Hutchison Telecoms Australia.

He then went on to hold the position of Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer for Ocean & Earth International from 2006 – 2011 expanding the business around the world. In 2008 Paul became an Executive Director and CEO of Komunity Project – building the business from the ground up to a global business today. Today Paul works closely with the WSL and is currently a Director on the Board of Surfing NSW.
Further benefits to Surf Lakes is his experience with the American markets – both USA and South America, where his brand has multiple distributors and connections. This will be of huge benefit when it comes to establishing and growing Surf Lakes in these markets, which is where most of our growth will be in the next 5 years.

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